Frequently asked questions
We offer 3 membership packages:
Train once a week
Train twice a week
Train three times a week

We offer our standard and bespoke membership plans according to individual needs/goals. Contact us for more information regarding memberships!
Our Academy is open all year round, except for bank holidays and the Christmas/ New year period.
We offer a programme for children as young as 4 years and above, all the way to teens and adults. Even if you are completely new to Martial Arts, we have a suitable programme to help you enjoy Martial Arts. Book a trial class and see for yourself.

No-one is born fit – we’ve all started somewhere. Our introductory classes provide an excellent opportunity to discover if you are right for martial arts and martial arts is right for you. You will be in a class with other new starters just like yourself, so it’s a great way to make friends whilst you travel the road to fitness!

First thing we must understand is, bullies look for easy targets. At our academy, our instructors will help your child to become more confident which will allow them to stay healthy and happy. A happy, healthy, confident child will be a far less attractive target to any prospective bully.